Home Reports in Scotland

What is a Home Report?

The Home Report was introduced in December 2008 by the Scottish Government. It provides buyers with all the information they need before making an offer on a property. Everyone selling a property in Scotland must pay for a Home Report to be produced for their property before they market it to prospective buyers. A Home Report consists of three documents:- the Single Survey, Energy Report and Property Questionnaire.

What does the Home Report consist of?

1. Single Survey

Conducted by a Chartered Surveyor, the Single Survey provides an assessment of the condition & value of a property.

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2. Energy Report

Provides an energy assessment of the property, highlighting how energy efficient it is & any improvements that could be made.

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3. Property Questionnaire

Completed by the seller, it provides information such as council tax banding, parking facilities & factoring arrangements.

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Who are Single Home Report?

Single Home Report was created to provide Scottish residents with the opportunity to order a professional home report for their property with relative ease.

Legislation passed on the 1st December 2008 that states that any property put up for sale within Scotland is accompanied with a Home Report. Failure to adhere to this ruling could lead to a penalty charge of up to £500.

Here at Single Home Report, we aim to offer a quality service at an affordable cost. We have our own surveyors who are qualified to carry out a thorough assessment on your property today.

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